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Welcome to the Lighthouse for the Nations, a parish of the Redeemed Christian Church of God. We are committed to teaching the undiluted word of God to people of all nationalities.

We emphasize teaching and mentoring of new believers and establishing of saints to live a Christ centered life based on sound spiritual principles. In addition we are sold out to community engagement and international missions.

Our Pastors are Isaac & Mrs. Funmilayo Adeyemi

Our Vision

To be a place where the hurting, the spiritually thirsty and the hopeless can find love, salvation and empowerment.

Our Mission

1. Active involvement in soul wining and ministry to all areas of Christian marriage
2. Establish a broad based multicultural church where mutual love and holiness lifestyle is a priority.
3. To raise and equip Christians in professions and self-employed fields
4. Promote community development and integration through direct collaboration with local agencies and churches.
5. To create awareness for world missions, raise missionaries and support missionaries on the field.

Our Purpose Statement

We Worship

  • We celebrate God’s Presence in worship


We Evangelize

  • We communicate God’s word through evangelism, missions, and community and outreach


We Fellowship

  • We unite God’s people into one Family


We Grow

  • We nurture God’s people through discipleship and training.


We Serve

  • We express God’s love through servant leadership.




What makes a church relevant is the value it adds to the life of citizens in its community

Pastor Isaac Adeyemi


Our Leadership

Light bearers

Pastor and Pastor Mrs Adeyemi

Head Pastors

This couple started their ministry as missionaries in Malawi, Central Africa.



Our Ministers

  • Minister Seyi Ojo
    Minister Seyi Ojo
  • Minister David Adeyemi
    Minister David Adeyemi
  • Pastor Mrs. Titilayo Lawal
    Pastor Mrs. Titilayo Lawal
  • Deaconess Lydia Shiyanbola,
    Deaconess Lydia Shiyanbola,
  • Deacon Joseph Odigie
    Deacon Joseph Odigie
  • Assistant Pastor Victor Ojo
    Assistant Pastor Victor Ojo
  • Minister Ihechi Ekeke
    Minister Ihechi Ekeke

We would love to see you at our next service!

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