Digging Deep, Book of Revelation Part 16

In the last part of this series, we saw what happened as the fifth and sixth seals were opened by the Lamb. We saw the terrible persecution that the tribulations saints must encounter and the earthquake brought about either by oil drying up in the earth or the star wars of the super-powers. Now as we continue our studies tonight. May the Lord Himself minister to our spirits, in Jesus so that we can rescue the perishing in our Nation Amen.


Before the opening of the seventh seal, God gave a respite so that as He preserved 7,000 prophets in the days of Ahab, he could mark out for preservation 144,000 Jews in the time of Jacob’s trouble. And since he is the controller of the angels that control the weather. He kept the destructive winds at bay until He had achieved His purpose

Rev. 7:1-3; 1 Kings 19:18; Rom. 11:4-6; Rev. 14:18; Rev. 16:5; Nuham 1:3; Zech. 9:14; Jer. 4:13; Isa. 66:15; 1 Kings 19:11; Jer. 49:36.


Those who are to be brought safely through the great tribulations are sealed upon their forehead with the seal of the living God. But a close look at the name of the tribes shows that Rueben had been replace by Judah as number one, Dan. Was completely omitted and Manasseh had replaced Ephraim: it is a great warning to those who think they stand.

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