USCIS Agent Jesus M. Ramirez Visits RCCG Lighthouse


This morning, a USCIS Officer came to give us a general overview and answer important questions about Immigiration law in the United States as well as questions about Immigration status.

Here are the list of links that he took us to. Be sure to share with friends! He said if enough interest is shown, he will be back for another session!


This is the USCIS Homepage where you can access everything we talked about today. As well as ask the automated helper “Emma.” Officer Ramirez told us talking to Emma was just like having a real officer in front of you.


This link has a list of processing times based on the type of form submitted. In our case, we entered “I-130 and Texas Service Center”


This link talks about the T-Visa, which is available to victims of human trafficking. This assures victims that seeking help for if they are in these situations is the right thing to do. If one is a victim of this type of crime, they need not fear being deported. Rather as they report their case, they will also be helping others in the same situation.


This link talks about the U-Visa. This Visa is available for victims of crimes of mental or physical abuse. This includes assault, or domestic violence. If a victim is in this situation, they should come forward and report to the police who can help them get this U Visa, so long as they cooperate with law enforcement agencies.


This link explains the process of receiving aid as a refugee. This is for those living in countries that are experiencing war or violence and whose lives are in danger.People who are fleeing persecution on account of race, religion, nationality, or political affiliation may also apply for refugee settlement.


This link is for those who are fleeing targeted persecution as explained above in the refugee link. To receive asylum, one is usually on U.S. soil.


This link explains the US Governments stance on Female Circumcision or Genital Mutilation. This is a crime that would likely fall under the U Visa


This is the link to the I-130 form which allows citizens and permanent residents to request that their relatives come to the United States. Officer Ramirez explained that these requests can take quite some time to be reviewed, especially from high density countries like China or India.


This link is to the 100 questions that one should study for the mandatory examination prior to receiving ones U.S. Citizenship. The questions usually follow an English literacy test.


This link expands on the 100 literacy questions and provides other languages for one to study the questions in. If your native language is not listed here, you can have a trusted and honest interpreter help you interpret the questions for you at the examination.


This is the Visa Bulletin that shows which visa applications are being reviewed, organized by date filed.</P.


This link is for a list of certified immigration attorneys that can help you with your immigration case. Officer Ramirez recommended that only these attorneys be used for your case. These are OLAP accredited attornerys that are recommended by the USCIS. It’s very important to speak to either USCIS or these attorneys specifically about your immigration situation; because Immigration scams are real and happening often. Places like Tax preparers sometimes practice illegal immigration law, and victims lose great sums of money to fake organizations!


If you liked this post be sure to share it with friends on Facebook or with the link, and help them get their immigration miracle! Please leave a comment if you enjoyed this talk and would like Officer Ramirez to come again with more time to answer questions!



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